Memphis rapper Juicy J tried (albeit not that hard) to find good food in London. From this Instagram, it looks like the founding member of Three 6 Mafia gave up rather quickly, and headed to McDonald’s.

Juicy J, you could have at the very least gone to Nando’s—the Beyonce-approved purveyor of flame-grilled peri-peri chicken.

Or, you could have consulted our guides on where to feast in East and West London, or this list of London burgers.

But instead, Juicy, you gave up.

Trying to find food in London …guess I’ll play it safe lol!

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Here are some angry reactions from fans:

@punil_:”So he goes to mc Donalds.. What a retard. Bitch spend some cash.”

@jorge_crawford: “Hit up a fish n chips kuddy damn, u in London”

@dillonellard: “…do your research you fuckin sheeple”


Well, there’s always next time.

[via Instagram]

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