We love street food. No matter if we’re talking seafood tostadas from a stand in Mexico, or a bacon-wrapped hot dog on the streets of L.A.—we love it all. Give us something delicious, portable, and affordable, and we’ll be happy as clams (more specifically, clams served ceviche-style on a styrofoam plate.)

But it’s confusing when you’re in a new country and searching for a snack. What do the locals eat? Where do they go? 

The infographic below (created by NeoMam studios for Wimdu) gives a rundown of popular European street foods—including the key ingredients in each street snack. Now, when you get to Bosnia, you’ll know to pick up some flaky, fresh burek. Then, when you take the EuroRail to the Netherlands, you’ll know to grab a few fresh-out-of-the-frier oliebollen.

From giant cinnamon buns in Finland to flaky meat pastries in Bosnia, discover what’s cooking on the streets with this “Guide to European Street Food” infographic.

[NOTE: What do you think—are the foods listed below the most popular street snack of that country, or would you include others? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.]

borek[via Wimdu]