National Geographic Channel‘s new six-part mini-series “Eat: The Story of Food,” is the channel’s first foray into food, with appearances from Jose Andres, Michael Pollan, and Eric Ripert. (Now that’s a pretty strong lineup of food-world folks right there.)

How food shaped history—a subject that the series aims to cover—is a topic so broad that executive producer Pam Caragol Wells says,

“It’s almost like making a series about ‘The Cosmos.’ Nobody’s done that—except for our channel.”

Each of the six one-hour episodes is centered on a different theme: food revolutionaries, meat, sugar, seafood, junk food, and grains.

This exclusive clip from “Eat: The Story of Food” tells the story of how chef Boiardi and WWII revolutionized commercial canned food. 

“Eat: The Story of Food” premieres tomorrow, November 21. The six-episode event will air Friday through Sunday at 9 p.m.


[via Nat Geo]

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