Rap food references may be dominated by filet mignon, lobster, and champagne. But once in a while, someone eats a piece of fruit, and when they do it’s a glorious event.

We’ve seen 2 Chainz put peaches on his artwork and experienced the rise of the apple bottom, but nothing compares to the iconic hip-hop fruit moments listed below.

When Rick Ross gave a shoutout to all the pear.

I’ve watched this clip at least 150 times, and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. The way Rick Ross says “pear” is so unbelievably weird. The viral meme came full circle this week when Ross signed a pear for a fan. (Btw–no surprise that the interview happened with Tim Westwood, the greatest rap interrogator of our day.)

When 50 Cent didn’t know what a grapefruit was.

Aziz Ansari gets a lot of mileage out of his rapper stories. One of his best is this bit from Dangerously Delicious about Fifty’s flummoxed response to receiving a grapefruit juice in a restaurant.

When Nicki Minaj made a euphemism smoothie.


Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video just about broke the Internet with its teenage-wet-dream fantasy sequences, featuring the well-endowed MC humping the ground in daisy dukes and feeling up jungle vixens. But it’s the sexed-up kitchen scene, where her mise-en-place looks like the produce aisle at Whole Foods, that will go down in hip-hop fruit history. Her deep-throating/de-membering of a banana means exactly what you think it does, according to this GQ interview .

When Styles P opened a juice bar.


While his contemporaries buy fast-food franchises and invest in WingStops, Styles P of the Lox has brought the health benefits of freshly-squeezed fruits to the Bronx through his smoothie joint, Juices for Life. Head to Castle Hill Ave for the Bronx (mango, strawberries, melon) or the Ghost (pears, strawberries, blueberries). One of the most feel-good moves in rap history, and certainly one of the fruitiest.

When Rico from Belly ate a banana…poorly.


Hype Williams’ Belly is pretty much a feature-length rap video, and one of the most memorable scenes is anchored by a close-up shot of Big Head Rico, the Omaha drug dealer whose tough-guy talk (“I might have to drop a dime on them”) is humorously juxtaposed with his inability to eat a banana without getting it all over his lips.

When Drake got coconuts for his Rosh Hashanah party.


The utter Drake-ness of having coconuts on your tour rider is almost too hard to bear. We found out where he gets them from, and the story is every bit as glorious as you’d imagine.