A new Kickstarter campaign is asking for $27,500 to finish America’s First Foodie, the documentary about legendary chef, author, and TV personality James Beard. There’s only 55 hours to go, and $26,222 has been donated to the project. 

Why should you donate? Who is James beard? Let a few folks from the trailer above—including former restaurant critic Gael Greene and Ted Allen—answer your questions:

“Jim made it okay for men to cook. It was now okay for men to think about food as part of an adventure.”—Clark Wolf

“When james beard came on the scene, teaching you how to cook, there really had never been anything like it.”—Judith Jones

“He was one of the founding fathers of eating well.”—Gael Greene

“James was just a little too out at a time at a time when nobody was out.”—Ted Allen

“James Beard wrote 22 cookbooks—they weren’t just cookbooks, they were filled with stories, and humor, and wit as well as recipes.”—Ted Allen

“The first television chef to teach America how to cook.”—Susan Ungaro

“He was the pioneer in the beginnings of any kind of farm to table movement.”—Florence Fabricant

“He gave us benchmarks for eating, for cooking, and for living.”—Clark Wolf

“An amazing man.”—Emeril


[via Kickstarter]

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