What’s your typical lunch routine? Heating up last night’s leftovers and eating them on a park bench outside your office? That works.

So does this: A Tokyo-based food-service company has introduced “bento” lunch box delivery in the three central wards of the city. Ok, so far this sounds pretty normal. Here’s the kicker: professional female models and actresses deliver the food.

According to the WSJ, each Platinum Lunch order must be at least ¥30,000 ($263). The service is intended for lunches at meetings, seminars, and events, and it’s only available for corporate customers. The delivery women are models or actresses signed to Platinum Production, one of the major talent agencies in Japan, and “they are trained to provide polite and attentive service.”

The bentos come from Tokyo restaurants—some are Michelin-starred establishments. The price per bento box varies from ¥648 ($106) to ¥5,000 ($817), plus a 10% service and delivery charge. Japan is so next-level.

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