On Tuesday, the New York Times posted its state-by-state nod to traditional Thanksgiving dishes of the 50 states (and D.C. and Puerto Rico).

Double apple pie was listed for New York. (Okay, NY and apples—makes sense.) Suzanne Goin’s sourdough stuffing with kale, dates, and turkey sausage was pretty on-point for California.

But then the NYT‘s listed grape salad listed as Minnesota’s traditional dish. The blurb stated, “This grape salad, which falls into the same category of old-fashioned party dishes as molded Jell-O salad, comes from a Minnesota-born heiress, who tells me it was always part of the holiday buffet in her family.”

The dish solicited a collective “WTF?” from Minnesotans. Then twitter went crazy with its own hashtags: #embracethegrape and #grapegate.

When we asked writer and Minneapolis native David Coggins his reaction to the NYT roundup, he said, “I saw grapes on the Internet but have never seen them on the table in MN.”

That may have been a bit of hyperbole, but the sentiment reflects the #feelings of Minnesotans at large.

Star Tribune writes, “A tweet to the writer of the Minnesota blurb—David Tanis—and another NYT food writer—Kim Severson—brought some levity from them and what we will accept as an apology.”


Here are a few of our favorite reactions to #grapegate thus far.

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