OK, ok, so this clam isn’t actually “licking” salt, it’s trying to dig with it’s “foot” (which, as it turns out, looks exactly like a tongue).

When shown a similarly strange clam vid, marine biologist Miriam Goldstein told The Huffington Post, “Clams don’t have tongues, in fact. So what that clam is doing is it’s trying to find a place to burrow… clams live in mud and sand and they use their foot to help them dig.”


Photo: Biology Junction

According to Nat Geo, clams have no brain, but the mollusks burrow deep in the mud to avoid predators such as the cow-nosed ray.

Either way, clams are straight-up weird—something we don’t necessarily think about when feasting on geoduck sashimi, giant clam nigiri, or good ole clams casino.

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Please, watch the video above, then go cook yourself some steamed clams in garlic and white wine.

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