If you’re the kind of egg lover who dreams of bathing in drippy yolk or hollandaise sauce, listen up: Grub Street writer Hugh Merwin just spotted double-yolk eggs for sale by the dozen at Brooklyn’s Gourmanoff.

The company selling these eggs, Sauder’s, is based in Pennsylvania Dutch country. They’ve been sold locally in the area for years, but an increase in demand has led to their actual shipment to high-end grocery stores.

While double-yolk eggs have been sold commercially at stores like Waitrose in the U.K., it’s unusual to see them in the U.S. A Sauder’s quality control rep told Grub Street that a double-yolker is roughly one in 1,000 eggs.

Lisa of home chicken-keeping website Fresh Eggs Daily (yeah, that exists) showed off a huge one in this video.

Per Fresh Eggs Daily’s primer on the subject, double-yolked eggs are more common in chicken hybrids and heavier breeds of chicken. They typically come either from hens that are new to egg laying, or from hens toward the very end of their laying years.

Still, double-yolkers have nothing on this four-yolked wonder egg.

These double-yolkers would be great for hollandaise sauce, which is all yolk and melted butter.

[via Grub Street, Fresh Eggs Daily]

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