World-renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel is currently on tour for Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes, and he hit up the Bay Area yesterday.

When the Willy Wonka of pastry arrived at Facebook headquarters for a Q&A, he was met with a challenge.

Apparently, it’s Facebook campus tradition for visiting culinary royalty to create a #CulinaryHack, where participants must create something amazing using just what they can find in the break room to feed both FB employees and Executive Chef Dean Sprinks.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present “Le FB,” Ansel’s bagel-French toast-chocolate milk mashup.

In case those 47 seconds blitzed by too fast, Le FB stands for “Le French Toast Bagel,” which involves a bagel dipped in chocolate milk, drizzled with hot maple syrup, sprinkled with salt, and finally toasted in a simple toaster oven.

But that’s not all. Chef Ansel also took time to screenprint some posters for the event while at FB—using chocolate, as you do.

Candy Crush overload? Only if that candy is chocolate.

This is further proof that #saddesklunch doesn’t need to happen unless you let it happen. Not everyone is as brilliant as Dominique Ansel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your options—no matter how limited they may be.

Still, that FB employee break area looked better stocked than some we’ve seen. It’s a good thing the kitchen didn’t just have expired creamers and sticky single-serve condiment packets, or Le FB probably wouldn’t look so good.

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