Comedian Hannibal Buress kills it on Broad City as Ilana’s hookup buddy, has written for both SNL and 30 Rock, and does generally hilarious stand up.

In the Collegehumor video above, Buress talks about one of the more disappointing things he’s done recently: he ate at the restaurant Lambs Creek in Mansfield, PA.

Buress’ assessment of the restaurant plays out like the an angry Yelp review, and it’s jokes.

“Hey, your restaurant’s a real piece of shit. Let me tell you about your service: It took a while, there were only three other tables there. The fuck was going on, Lambs Creek? And then, I ordered wings—yeah, I know, slightly stereotypical, but so what? Everybody likes wings.”


He tells the story of how Lambs Creek brought out one solitary celery stalk with his order of wings. When he complained to the waitress, she asked if he wanted a knife. That’s messed up.

Buress concludes his review with this statement: “If you’re out there on the road, I would not recommend Lambs Creek in Mansfield, PA.”

[via Collegehumor]