When compared to Burger King Japan’s other promotions, the chain’s new holiday menu (which launches November 17th) isn’t that crazy. We’re not the only ones who can’t get that image of the all-black-everything Kuro Burger out of our minds.

So, how do you go about rolling out something for the holidays nearly as great as the Kuro Burger if you’re BK Japan?

BK’s strategy: throw some cranberries and mushrooms onto your burgers to look festive, then wish everyone a “Berry Kristmush.”

berry kristmush small

Mushrooms and cheese seem like great options to have on your burger, but calling it a Mush ‘n’ Cheese is a rather unfortunate translation.

Meanwhile, the Premium Berry incorporates cranberry sauce, which actually sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately, from the picture, you might think the burger involves some sort of berry jam, especially because the whole berries on the burger look more like blueberries.

In any case, if you want in on some of this BK Japan holiday action, Burger Business reports that the Mush n’ Cheese will run you ¥480 (US $4.15), while the Premium Berry will run you ¥590 (US $5.10). You can start filling up on mush and premium berries on November 17th.

[via Burger Business]