Adam Mansbach’s 2011 kids-book-for-adults, “Go the F**k to Sleep,” became a viral hit, topped the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists, might become a movie, and booked none other than the venerable Samuel L. Jackson to narrate the audiobook version.

Those are big shoes for the sequel to fill, but “You Have to F**king Eat” dropped today along with this teaser of Bryan Cranston narrating it—and we are sold. (Even if we weren’t, it’s available as a free download for the next month).


It’s a masterstroke of casting, combining the hapless suburban dad-ness of Cranston’s Malcolm in the Middle character with the menacing darkness of his Breaking Bad role. It’s also very possibly a career highlight for Cranston, putting him in the company of other Mansbach performers like Morgan Freeman and LeVar Burton.

You can listen to a different 30-second clip on the page, if you needed any more convincing that a free download of Bryan Cranston doing anything is worth clicking on.

[via Mashable]