We’ve all been dumped, and we’ve all had to find small ways to mend our bleeding hearts.

Some of us choose to binge-watch High Fidelity for weeks in bed and down pints of ice cream. Then there’s Tan Shen, a 26-year-old woman in Chengdu, China who spent one week in her local KFC eating chicken wings after being dumped.

She explains her phenomenal get-over-him strategy to Yahoo News,

“I was walking around feeling miserable and decided to stop off at the KFC at the train station.

I hadn’t planned on staying there long, I just wanted some chicken wings.

But once I got in there and started eating I decided I needed time to think.

I didn’t want to go back to my apartment because it was full of memories of him. So I stayed.”


We wonder if Shen’s ex-lover first wooed her with one of these:


A KFC employee told Yahoo “At first no one really noticed her. But after a few days I began thinking she looked really familiar. Then I realized we had been serving her for the past three days and that she hadn’t actually left.”

What prompted the lovesick Shen to finally leave KFC? Local media turned up and decided to write about her; also, she says, I was getting sick of the taste of chicken so there was no point in staying there anymore.”

One waitress told Yahoo, “I guess we kind of miss her. It certainly made work more interesting.”

[via Yahoo News]