Groupon UK & IE teamed up with London restaurant Honky Tonk to create the completely cray Glamburger. This over-the-top creation retails for £1,100 ($1,780), but Groupon is giving away one Glamburger experience to a lucky winner on October 13, 2014.

What makes the Glamburger so crazy?

Let Honky Tonk executive chef Chris Large show you.

We’ll quote Groupon directly here about why the burger is so #luxe.

  • “The burger patty is made from 220 grams of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60 grams of New Zealand venison to perfectly balance the fat content, and a rich center of black truffle brie to create a liquid pocket once the meat has cooked.”
  • “The burger patty is seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt and served with a Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron.”
  • “Atop the lobster [there is] maple syrup-coated streaky bacon, Beluga caviar and a hickory-smoked duck egg intricately covered in edible gold leaf.”
  • “The bun is seasoned with a Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise and coated in gold leaf. Finishing touches come in the form of a mango and champagne jus and grated white truffle.”

There’s absolutely no denying that this burger is mad luxurious.

The only problem is this: we’re pretty sure it’s not actually “world’s most expensive,” despite the fact that, The Independent, Huffington PostThe Week, and multiple other sources claim that it is.

groupon glamburger header groupon glamburger 2 groupon glamburger

All above photos: Groupon UK & IE


Groupon UK & IE and Honky Tonk verified their record with Record Setter. For those unfamiliar with this particular records database, it’s the evolution of the Universal Record Database, which the New Yorker apparently said was “to the Guinness World Records what Wikipedia was to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.”

To set a record via Record Setter, your record must fulfill three requirements:

record setter

We’re not sure the Encyclopaedia Britannica analogy really holds, though. Unlike EB, Guinness World Records maintains a strong web and social media presence. It’s also probably the first thing most people think of when the phrase “world records” comes up.

So naturally, we consulted Guinness World Records and discovered a completely different “world’s most expensive burger.”

world's most expensive burger

Directly above is what Guinness World Records named “World’s Most Expensive Hamburger” in July 2011. It’s made by Juicy’s Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, OR. It weighs 777 lbs. and costs $5,000. You can still order it in 2014, with 48 hours advance notice.

Incidentally, it also holds the Guinness World Record for “Largest Hamburger Commercially Available.” While Juicy’s Outlaw Grill may not have submitted their claim to Record Setters, it should still qualify because there’s also video evidence:

Now, we do totally think there should be a separate category for burgers that are meant to feed a crowd, and are not just meant as a single entree.

However, even there, we previously reported on two burgers made in America that cost more than $1,780.

The Fleurburger 5000 is a single-serve burger for $5K, while the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger is a 338.6-pounder crowdburger for $1,999.

So, we’ve learned two things today:

One: “world record” apparently only means “world record according to a specific database” (sort of like the limited scope of the MLB “World Series.”)

And two: even then, foods might be breaking that record but not be reported. So all claims about records should be looked at with skepticism. #Staywoke.

[via Design Taxi, Groupon]

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