If you’re on Vine at all, you’ve probably seen #apotatoflewaroundmyroom creep up the trending tags, seemingly out of nowhere.

But actually, this one’s on Frank Ocean.

Apparently, Vine user PG Bree is a fan of the song, but maybe is more familiar with potatoes than tornadoes. (Good for you, PG Bree; potatoes are much more delicious.)

So Bree posted this Vine a couple weeks ago:

Then, a few days later, Vine user lil syd from the trap created this literal video masterpiece to go with Bree’s vocal track:

As we post this, it has 165.3K likes, 158.8K revines, and 20.7K comments. That’s just the original Vine, not counting reposts to other platforms such as YouTube, Tumblr, or anywhere else.

You might say it was inevitable that one little flying potato has inspired thousands of people on every platform—including tumblr.

potato lullaby tumblr

Image: Tumblr/mak-o

Here are some of our favorite Vine takes:

The Random Potatoes

The Potato Mashups

The Completely Necessary

potato shop tumblr

Photo: Tumblr/common-raccoon

So what about the potato that flew around your room? It’s apparently living a good life, even maintaining a Twitter account.

We know it won’t last, but we’re pretty sure that if someone spliced a cat video with a potato video right now, the entire Internet would explode.

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