When major networks get their hands on something you hold near and dear, the smart move is generally to run for the hills so as not to see it dumbed-down and destroyed in front of your eyes. But perhaps FOX Spain is a bit different from its blustery stateside affiliate, because this trailer for The World’s Best Chefs—if we ignore the made-for-TV histrionics—makes the show look a lot more interesting than you’d expect.

The idea is to draw back the curtain at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants to see the wizardry of chefs like Michel Bras and José Andrés come to life. Rather than tapping a megastar host, the show is anchored by former neuroscientist (and El Bulli cook) Katie Button, who is now a chef and owner at Cúrate and The Nightbell in Asheville, NC. She’s a bit shaky in front of the camera, but it seems she’s opened doors to some super-legit kitchen, like Alex Atala’s D.O.M and Grant Achatz’s Alinea.

Better dish with jasmine

The high-octane sizzle reel includes mixing stunning close-ups of foodporn, vials of fluids that seem to come from Hogwarts, and a symphonic soundtrack—clearly, the show is taking trailer cues from the restaurants it covers.

Let’s hope that The World’s Best Chef will also debut in the U.S.

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