CNBC reports that McDonald’s is not rolling the McRib out nationally this year, and is only offering it in limited release.

If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, it should. McDonald’s did the same thing last year, which prompted some fans to create the McRib Locator to help their fellow McRib hunters stalk the sandwich.

McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb told CNBC in an email, 

We’re letting the restaurants determine if this menu item is one their customers will enjoy.” 

Prior to the announcement, Twitter McRib anticipation was high

After the news broke, Twitter was sad

As we write this, the McRib Sandwich Twitter has not yet posted a comment.

Meanwhile, CNBC also reports that you can apparently get McRibs year-round in Germany. If you’re a fan, it may be time to scrounge your couch cushions for plane fare money. You could also try making your own, which will probably cost less than airfare.

[via CNBC]

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