There’s no denying that having the right tools makes a huge difference—whether it’s at your office or in your kitchen.

But if we’re talking about your kitchen, where are you supposed to put them all? The struggle for kitchen counter space is very real.

That’s why Toronto resident Dayna Boyer took a page out of the Toronto Tool Library’s book and started The Kitchen Library.

While the Tool Library specializes in lending out power tools like drills and saws, the Kitchen Library specializes in lending out things like stand mixers, canners, and dehydrators.

kitchen library dehydrating

Boyer talked to The Salt about the purpose of the Library:


“As someone who loves to cook and lives in a tiny apartment in Toronto, I definitely didn’t have space for the appliances I wanted”

She hits on the most common problem that cooking enthusiasts have: these tools are invaluable when you need them, but take up ridiculous amounts of space when you don’t. Also, you don’t use things like ice cream makers every day, unless you’re a business.

It’s true that putting them into a library setting means you have to plan ahead—potentially very far ahead if the item is popular—but most good cooks excel at planning and/or improvising, anyway.

kitchen library featured appliances

Membership in the Kitchen Library currently costs $9 a month, or $25 for 3 months.

If you want more than just access to kitchen tools, Boyer also works with the Toronto Tool Library. There’s a combined membership option available for $75 a year that gets you access to all the power tools and kitchen tools your heart and hands desire.

How It Works

  1. Members can borrow any available appliance from the Kitchen Library’s inventory.
  2. Clean it thoroughly before returning it within 7 days. The Library will then check it back into inventory at the front desk, like a reading library.

There’s a full list of borrowing policies on the site as well. Members must be over 18, only members can use KL appliances, appliances should be returned clean and in good working order—all things you’d expect.

We think the Kitchen Library is a great idea, but unfortunately, we can’t try it out since we don’t live in Toronto.

Luckily, it isn’t the only kitchen appliance lending library in North America. There’s also a similar organization in Portland, OR called Kitchen Share that even has more than one location.

We’re hoping people don’t abuse these kitchen appliances like rental cars, but we suppose that’s the risk you take.

If you’re lamenting the fact that you don’t live near either place, maybe it’s time to look for some Kickstarter funding to set up your own library.

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