It was only a matter of time before Taco Bell created a menu showcasing America’s most hyped hot sauce. Taco Bell is reportedly testing a new Sriracha menu at locations around the Kansas City area, which features a variety of items filled and topped with Rooster Sauce.

Here are the Sriracha-fied menu items:

  • Sriracha Nachos Supreme
  • Sriracha Quesarito
  • Sriracha Scrambler Burrito (with eggs, potatoes, nacho cheese, Sriracha, and pico de gallo)
  • Sriracha Loaded Griller
  • Sriracha Taco

You can also get any of their other menu items topped with Sriracha upon request, so the possibilities are endless. Brace yourself, world.

We’re so hyped for Taco Bell’s Sriracha menu to roll out nationwide.

[via Reddit, HuffPo]

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