If there’s anything more American than football, it’s gotta be good ol’ artery-clogging football food porn—the more buffalo sauce, the better. That said, game-day eats are also at the center of the biggest food-porn fumbles on the Internet. Since the entire cuisine category straddles the line between delicious and disgusting, it’s no surprise that an exploration of football food hashtags reveals more than its fair share of struggle plates.

Here’s a look at some game-day plates that would have been better off sacked.

“Cheesesteak with a side of steak” 

While this doesn’t exactly get the tummy rumbling, we must admit that serving steak as a side is powerful.

Traveling taco, Doritos-style

This can’t be life.

Chicken tender sandwich or open wound?

Red flag on the play!

Plating 101

While the football-shaped plate wins points for creativity, there’s no salvaging a meal that’s 50% hot fries.

Raid the vending machine

The vending machine is a struggle-tastic football fan’s best friend.

Two point conversion for creativity

Not sure what the hell’s going on here, but respect for the effort.



ribs and nfl #nflsundays

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One shudders to think how greasy the remote is.

Deviled eggs + vom


Good football and good #footballfood! #spoiledwife #nflsunday #lifeisgood

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Gotta hear both side?

Mystic pairs well with struggle


I cook for myself #NFLSunday

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Treat yo’ self.

“Crack dip”

You missed a spot.