Are you sick of ripping into a bag of chips, only to find that it seems like it’s 10% chip and 90% air?

These South Korean students were so fed up with the prevailing snack-to-air ratios, they built a snack raft and used it to paddle across the Han River. 

The Korea Times reports that the four students who built this raft used 160 bags of Orion potato chips as building materials. (For Orion Choco-Pie fans, don’t worry—none were harmed in the making of this raft, since they only come in boxes.)

They then took their makeshift dingy on a 1.3 km (0.8 mile) trip while being escorted by a police boat.

Participating student Yoo Sung-Ho said

“We often feel ripped off when we find out how small the amounts are inside the inflated containers. Snack-makers should be more conscientious.”

Korean law stipulates that snack bags must contain at least 65% snacks. Manufacturers that disobey this rule and use more nitrogen than they should to fill the bags can face up to 3 million won (USD $2792) in fines, according to the Korea Times.

Photo: H-Mart

Local resident Bok Jung-hun gave the students some snacks to contribute to their cause. He said, “The event is meaningful. I couldn’t find a way to complain about snack packs before.”

Prior to the planned potato chip protest, the students told the Korea Times, “We hope this is accepted as a humorous performance, and not lead a boycott movement [sic]. We want the manufacturers to watch our show, laugh along, and listen to consumers’ voices.”

An Orion spokesperson spoke with the Korea Times under condition of anonymity. He said, [pullquote]”The main purpose [of using nitrogen gas] is to protect the contents. Still, we’ve heard people’s complaints and decided to undergo an examination to reduce the size of the packs, or to add more snacks in the packs. We will try our best to meet consumer demands.”[/pullquote]

So the consumers may have a happy ending, but what about the snacks used to make the raft?

After the raft had done its job, it was disassembled and all snacks were donated to a local orphanage.


So we beat on, snack boats against the current, like the true goddamn legends we are.

[via the Korea Times, YouTube]

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