Like Kanye dropping the auto-tune and getting back to “real rap,” Shake Shack is giving the fans what they want and resurrecting the burger chain’s O.G. crinkle-cut fries today.

The straight, fresh-cut fries we’ve all been suffering through recently rolled out in August 2013. At the time, CEO Randy Garutti told¬†A Hamburger Today,¬†“It will take us some months to remodel our current kitchens before the switchover from frozen crinkle cuts to fresh fries is complete.”

No doubt they’ve been retro-fitting those same kitchens for the return of crinkle-dom since earlier this year, when Shake Shack announced plans to bring back the fan favorite. The hand-cut interlopers were a rare brick for the brand, but it’s good to see that Danny Meyer and Co. aren’t too proud to right the ship when it veers off course.

This morning, Garutti spread the word on Instagram that today is comeback day at all Shake Shack locations:

Crinkles are back as of today at ALL SHACKS @shakeshack Fans have spoken!!

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There’s also a nice little crinkle-cut montage on Facebook to get you hyped.

[via Instagram/@randygarutti]