If you didn’t mix Pop Rocks with your soda of choice when you were a kid, we feel sorry for you and your deprived childhood. Apparently, so does PepsiCo, judging by a patent they filed in March 2013 that was just published in September 2014.

It’s quite simple: PepsiCo wants to make granola bars with carbonated candy.

willy wonka

Further details say that the bars will have that candy inside them, or else have a coating of carbonated candy on top. One key quote from the patent filing lays out the future product’s connection with soda:

“The flavor of the carbonated candy is a flavor also found in a carbonated beverage.” 

We’re picturing Pepsi Cola bars and Mountain Dew bars, of course. Maybe some carbonated energy drink action, too. Or some carbonated Gatorade flavors, since that’s another PepsiCo product. PepsiCo also owns Quaker, so changing up the recipe for Quaker granola bars seems like a natural choice.

willy wonka suspense

We think this sound like a positively Wonka-esque invention, but maybe that’s just us. What kind of carbonated granola bars are you picturing?

[via the Daily Meal, Google Patents]

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