“I feel like Night + Market could be a titty bar, just, we don’t have strippers—but we have everything else that goes with it,” says L.A. chef Kris Yenbamroong in what is easily one of the drunkest Munchies video VICE has put out so far.

The Night + Market Song creator explains that many of his dishes are inspired by Thai street food, Thai home cooking, and Thai strip club food. His “strip club fried rice” is what you’ll find in Thailand’s red light district.

After a bottle of Prosecco, queso and mescal flights at Bar Ama, and oysters and wine at L&E, Yenbamroong and his crew head to Cheetahs strip club in Hollywood, where the Night + Market chef proceeds to “make it rain like El Niño.”0a86071d1651a382dc150c687fd23c64

Yenbamroong says of his affinity for strip clubs,

“Going to the red light district when i was younger with my frieds—it was never about sleazing-out. It was never about going because we were little horn dogs or whatever. We would go, and just hang out with prostitutes, just drink with them, and have fun, and party with them. They were like older sisters…they’re cool chicks in general and they’re doing what they do best, just like I try to do what I do my best.


A fun fact about Kris: In 2000, he went to film school at NYU, where he started editing old porno tapes for underground filmmaker Richard Kern. Another fun fact about Kris:

[pullquote]“I went to titty bars as a 13 year old [in Thailand] and ate the food that they had out front. Eating and drinking in that way is really what informed what we do here at Night + Market.”[/pullquote]

Watch the Munchies episode below, and you’ll come to understand three things: 1) Yenbamroong goes hard 2) he’s unapologetic about making the food he wants to make 3) raw blood soup is for drunks and delinquents.

[via Munchies]

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