We’ve already told you that lines for Hot Doug’s, the soon-to-shutter Chicago hot dog institution, are completely insane.

But now, on the second-to-last day before Hot Doug’s closes forever, things actually managed to get crazier.

It started with a tweet, like so many things do:

Prior to wheeling out the portable drum smoker this morning, Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse owner Jared Leonard told DNAInfo Chicago

“A lot of the stories that have came out are covering what people are doing for 8 to 10 hours. Some people have brought a laptop computer to watch movies, but I thought, when I have 10 or 12 hours, I can make barbecue. … We’ll make everyone salivate while they wait because smoking meat smells so delicious.”

Leonard was true to his word. This was the pre-dawn scene in line today.

DNAInfo Chicago spoke to Leonard while he was among the first 30 customers in line this morning.

“It’s what I expected. I was happy with my spot since I have a little room to to work with the garage behind me. It gives me a little space to work.”

Several hours later, the beautiful smoked brisket made its appearance. Leonard and his friend (and fellow Chi-BBQ companion) Gary Wiviott were still in line.

Leonard looked pleased with the results as he wheeled his smoker away.

We have to say, #porkmafia might be one of the best hashtags ever.
rub bbq hot doug's

Photo: Audra Apke

Now, let’s answer what you all want to know: who gets to eat that beautiful brisket? According to local resident Audra Apke, Leonard and Wiviott plan to give it to the hardworking Hot Doug’s crew when they finally get to the front of the line.

Leonard elaborated on his reasoning for DNAInfo Chicago

“When we get to the front of the line we’re going to eat sausage so we’re going to give it to Hot Doug and his staff because God knows at the end of the day or his shift he doesn’t want to eat sausage. It’s a nice little going away present for Hot Doug’s.”

If that’s not enough BBQ awesomeness for you, DNAInfo Chicago reports that for every hour Rub’s BBQ waits in line, they’re donating $500 to Operation BBQ Relief, a charity that brings the ‘cue to communities in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Tomorrow, October 3rd, Hot Doug’s will close forever.

[via DNAInfo Chicago]

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