The great thing about YouTube is that it’s something of a video equalizer. Not everyone can (or should) have their own cooking TV show, but if you’re doing something interesting—or even useful—and you put it on YouTube, you’ll eventually find an audience.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look at Auntie Fee.

This helpful infographic from the people at YouTube Downloader wants to help aspiring YouTube food stars take that next step.

First, it gives information on a YouTube-grown cooking sensation: Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen.

youtube hannah hart

Next, it gives several examples of YouTube cooking show successes from household names, like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Alton Brown:

youtube alton brown

Finally, it gives helpful tips on creating your own YouTube cooking show.

The most important tip: keep posting. You can’t build an audience if you give up too easily.

youtube launch a cooking show

YouTube is all about filling weird niches. How else would the Japanese cooking show “Cooking With Dog” even exist? The concept: a show where a gray poodle named Francis hosts a new Japanese chef in his kitchen every week to demo recipes.

Here’s the full graphic. Now go make some videos.

youtube's famous chefs

[via Fine Dining Lovers]