Chicken Wings are having a moment, according to the New York Times. We say: thank God.

Korean-American chef Hooni Kim of Hanjan in NYC spills the beans on what makes his Korean-style chicken wings stand out. “Our chickens have never seen the fridge,” he says in the Times video above.

Kim learned from his annual trips to Korea that chicken tastes much better the day it’s killed. “The flavor of the fresh chicken is completely different,” he says, “the texture is much softer and the meat is much juicer.”


The chickens used at Hanjan are raised in Pennsylvania and supplied through Carlo Formisano of La Pera brothers. After slaughtering the fowls in the morning, Formisano delivers them to Hanjan by 1pm, so that by dinnertime, New Yorkers can feast on tender, juicy grilled wings marinated in mirin, soy sauce, and sake.


[via The New York Times]

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