The Charlotte Hornets released a double-decker, 8-pound, $70 burger just in time for the NBA team’s season opener at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The “Hugo’s Boss Burger” has no apparent affiliation with fashion brand Hugo Boss—actually, it’s named after the Hornets’ mascot, Hugo.The gargantuan burger (12 inches in diameter, to be exact) comes loaded with Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, melted cheese, bacon, mushrooms, pickles, and a bunch of other burger fixins.

We asked Triangle Offense editor-in-chief Elena Bergeron what this burger says about the Hornets. Bergeron says,

“It says that people in Charlotte hate nachos. If you were going to cover a food stuff with three types of cheese and delicious fixins…WHY WOULD’NT YOU JUST EAT NACHOS?!?!?”

Good question.

[via Grub Street, Darren Rovell/Twitter]

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