Remember last year, when Dunkin’ Donuts South Korea came out with their inexplicably named “New York Pie Donut”?

As of November 3rd, the AP reports that their “Croissant Donut” is being rolled out at DD locations nationwide—but only for a limited time.

At least one Twitter user is excited:

We do have to admit, we might be more excited if the ones he photographed looked anything like the beautiful ones Dunkin’ Donuts South Korea posted on their Facebook.

dunkin cronuts

In any case, DD president of global marketing and innovation John Costello talked to AP about the move. He stressed that Dunkin’ has apparently been looking at ways to combine pastries for several years now.

Costello also denied any specific resemblance to the Cronut, in no uncertain terms:

“Are we copying a specific bakery in New York? The answer is no.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts Croissant Donut will cost $2.49, and will feature the same glaze as DD’s regular glazed donuts. However, it won’t have any filling—at least, not at first.

Dunkin’ Donuts Executive Chef Jeff Miller told AP exactly what you’d expect: 

“I’ve tried the product that you mention. As the executive chef of Dunkin’, I like ours better.”

When asked why it took DD so long to bring their take on the “croissant donut” to these shores, DD franchisee and new product developer Rob Branca said, “We’re going to be selling a lot more of them than a single shop bakery, so it was important to do it right.

As always, the true test will be in whether or not the “Croissant Donut” is actually tasty.

Ultimately, we can argue about cronut ripoffs as much as we want, but it’s still not going to make anyone buy or not buy them. At the end of the day, isn’t it about what tastes good?

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