In a move that Domino’s Pizza claims is “the first ever voice-ordering app in the industry,” the international pizza chain wants you to make friends with Dom, its new virtual order assistant.

Dom’s existence proves, once and for all, that the pizza chain is taking cues from Liz Lemon.


Although Dom has been in public beta testing since June, Domino’s just unleashed this ad on the world yesterday to announce that Dom is now completely ready to take your order.

Domino’s Pizza worked with Nuance Communications to breathe intelligent life into Dom. After downloading it ourselves to check it out, it seems to work fairly well. Nuance knows what it’s doing, of course—it’s the company that brought Siri’s speech recognition into our lives.

The Domino’s Pizza app is now available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

For testing purposes, we downloaded the Android version.

You can activate Dom immediately from the welcome screen.


If you choose delivery and don’t have an account already set up with Domino’s, you will still have to enter your address manually. Apparently Dom doesn’t do geography.


We were impressed at how well he understood most commands, though. We didn’t even have to repeat ourselves once during testing.

Pizza’s nice, but what about sides? We asked, and Dom answered.


We decided wings were the obvious choice. Dom was happy to accommodate us, and asked what size we wanted.


After deciding on wings, we got thirsty. Dom was happy to oblige.


Finally, we were ready to check out.


But Dom wasn’t ready to let us go. He knew we were suckers for chocolate, so he tried to upsell:


At this point, you can either continue talking to Dom or tap the appropriate button on your screen.

Credit card information must be entered manually, just like your address. Of course, Domino’s wants you to set up a profile, so you would ideally only have to enter that information once, and then just have Dom do everything for you on future orders.

Whatever your feelings on Domino’s Pizza are, there’s no denying that Dom’s voice recognition capabilities are impressive—especially if you’ve ever gotten lost in a neverending automated phone menu that obviously doesn’t understand English.

We wish there was a Dom for lots of things, but a voice-ordering app that lets us stuff our faces with pizza is definitely a good start.

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