“The next time you hear my voice, you’ll be on the floor scooping up bits of your brain.”

This isn’t the voiceover for one of this season’s Halloween slasher flicks, but rather the opening line of a dramatic, 9-minute trailer for Madrid’s DiverXo—a three-Michelin-starred restaurant run by the wunderkind chef David Muñoz. We’ve seen some high-end restaurant trailers in our day, but this has got to be the most bizarre and over-the-top example yet.

The World’s 50 Best says of the restaurant: “With food served on ‘canvasses’, and sauces painted on to dishes, the phrase ‘works of art’ certainly comes to mind when describing Spanish fusion restaurant DiverXo.” At the beginning, we’re treated to some stunning, hi-def shots of these “Jackson Pollack”-esque plates coming together, but the majority of the video focuses on a motley crew of period-piece weirdos dining in some dystopian dungeon. Eventually, the dinner turns into an all-out Bacchanal, with the food inspiring the guests to tongue-kiss their food, feel each other up, and pour red wine all over their writhing bodies.

The big question here: Is this the first restaurant trailer to feature bare breasts? Be sure to cover your monitor at around 8:02, lest you want your boss to catch a glimpse of a single stream of milk pouring out of a lady’s nipple.

[via Vimeo]