With the help of apps like Tinder and Hinge, it’s easier than ever to find a date. But what if you’re gluten-free, vegan, or insufferably snobby about beer? What if you’d rather eat dirt than go on a date at Megu or Lavo? You might have to dig a little deeper to find someone compatible.

Thankfully, there are myriad dating apps and websites targeted to the food-and-drink–specific audiences to ensure that Applebees enthusiasts don’t have to be #foreveralone. With the help of the Internet, you’ll never have to date someone who doesn’t share your affinity for the Trinidad Scorpion pepper (thanks, “Hot Sauce Passions” app).

Here are 10 dating apps and sites for food and drink lovers.



Good for: Men looking to pay for restaurant dates, and women willing to go on them (or vice versa)

What’s the deal: In the spirit of its tagline, “Chivalry is alive,” HiDine is a dating site for diners who embrace traditional gender roles. Or, like this serial dater on a budget from Toronto, it’s for women (or men) intentionally “food hooking.” What are food hookers? You know, those people looking to never pay for a dinner out again while “fulfilling [their] restaurant hit list.”

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Gluten Free Singles



Good for: Those with celiac disease, or those who have committed to the #glutenfree lifestyle

What’s the deal: GlutenFreeSingles.com promises an online space where you can meet someone with similar dietary restrictions and “never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free.” We can’t help but wonder if there’s an algorithm that separates those with celiac disease from the posers “health-conscious.”

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Good for: Breaking the ice between somewhat awkward food-obsessives

What’s the deal: SamePlate is, more or less, your typical dating site, except that it’s aimed at foodies looking to talk grub and maybe even “share a meal, no big deal!” SamePlate seems to be best suited for those who take food—or Instagram food porn—seriously, since it suggests posting pics of both your food and yourself.

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Good for: Applebee’s patrons only

What’s the deal: WhatsApplebee’s is proud to be the “premier social chat app for fans of Applebee’s®,” accessible only to those inside one of the chain restaurant’s locations. Unlike its fictional competitor apps like T.G.I. Friendster and Olive Grindr, this anonymous social-networking app doesn’t mess around—it uses the help of iPhone location services to enforce a strict Applebee’s customers-only policy. Yup, this is a real thing that exists.

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Veggie Date


Good for: Vegans, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, pescatarians, semi-vegetarians, etc.

What’s the deal: This dating site connects veg-heads with one another for a lifetime of quinoa salads and yoga.

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Singles With Food Allergies



Good for: The “dairy-free & dynamic” or “celiac & sexy”

What’s the deal: Singles With Food Allergies is meant to appeal to the older crowd, presumably, seeing as the website says it’s for “divorced, never-married or widowed individuals whose lives are all affected by food allergies.”

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Craft Beer Mingles


Good for: Craft-beer obsessives

What’s the deal: This app aims to link up like-minded beer nerds looking to get lost in each other’s eyes (and Untappd check-ins), be it in their hometown or a sudsy vacation destination.

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Hot Sauce Passions


Good for: Singles looking for a “hot” date to “spice” up their love life

What’s the deal: A social-networking site specifically for hot sauce and chili pepper fans. Because, and we quote, “Why risk hearing ‘I don’t like spicy food’ on a first date, when you know that would be a deal breaker?”

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Paleo Connect



Good for: Paleos/Crossfitters/primals (whatever that means)

What’s the deal: Since these are some of the most intense of all lifestyle-obsessed dieters, it only makes sense that one of them felt the need to create Paleo Connect. Also unsurprising? The sinewy and smug-looking joggers pictured on the site’s homepage.

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Good for: Intentional ambiguity when asking someone for a drink

What’s the deal: Eliminating the stress in making plans to grab a drink, BeerApp call-and-response as straightforward as possible. With BeerApp, all communication between users is limited to a simple “Beer?!” GENIUS.

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Coffee Passions


Good for: The extremely caffeinated

What’s the deal: Like the aforementioned “Hot Sauce Passions,” this is an exclusive site for coffee geeks only. We can see it now: “You seem nice, wanna grab a nitro cold brew or six?”

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