After closing down all 800 of its stores overnight in July, Crumbs Bake Shop will start reopening stores on Tuesday, October 14. A store located on Broadway and 37th street in Manhattan will be the first to reopen, then another 25 locations across the U.S. will reopen within the next 30 days.

CNBC host Marcus Lemonis, who purchased Crumbs Bake Shop out of bankruptcy for $6.5 million, revealed that Crumbs 2.0 will feature some brand new fare.

Gluten-free options and new cookies and ice cream will grace the updated Crumbs menu, but that’s not all. Crumbs had previously offered a copycat Cronut called the “Crumbnut,” but Lemonis is now upping the ante with a “baissant.” You guessed it: the baissant is a bagel-croissant hybrid pastry.

Right after news broke that Crumbs would be closing, Allison Robicelli, co-owner of Robicelli’s Bakery, gave her two cents on the media shitstorm surrounding the announcement, along with her opinion on buzzy mashup pastries,

“We’re tired of being perpetually asked when we’re coming up with ‘the next cronut’ or ‘the new cupcake.’ It’s ridiculous, and it’s a question everyone in pastry is being asked. In the past 6 years, we’ve gone from the next cupcake being donuts, to pie, to macarons, to macaroons, to ice cream sandwiches, back to donuts, to cronuts, to biscuits…We’re not being asked to make good food—we’re being asked to churn out gimmicks.

What do you think? Is the baissant a total gimmick, or something you’d totally wait in a two-hour line for?

In case you’re actually interested in the baissant, here’s a list of some of the stores that will reopen, according to Crumbs’ website:


[via Business Insider]