Forget the bucolic imagery of Edelweiss and peaceful cows that normally decorate Swiss-made products.

Zurich-based retail giant Migros issued a series of coffee creamers featuring the headshot of two fascist dictators: Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Allegedly, Migros was trying to commemorate a vintage cigar label series, and two of the labels just so happened to feature the dictators.

Three hundred packages containing the creamers have been shipped; since each of those packages contains four creamers adorned with the effigy of one of the two fascist dictators, 1200 Hitler and Mussolini creamers are currently circulating. Well, that’s not good. 

Unbelievably, the company figured out what it had done only after seeing a reader-sumbmitted photo of the label in the newspaper 20 MinutesTristan Cerf, a spokesman for Migros, told the NY Times,

“I can’t tell you how these labels got past our controls. Usually the labels have pleasant images like trains, landscapes, and dogs.”

This is not the first time Hitler’s face has popped up on a mass-produced product: Last April, a coffee mug by Bielefeld-based brand Zurbrüggen was decorated with flowers, quotes written in Edwardian script, and the reproduction of a Hitler portrait that originally appeared on a 30-Pfennig postal stamp.

Meanwhile in Belgium, chocolate company ISIS, formerly known as Italo-Suisse, has been facing a decline in sales because it shares the same name as the acronym representing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

With annual sales of over $44 million, the company will change its name to Libeert this year, the family name of the company’s owners.

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