Say you end up on The Real World, where you unleash your vocal skills on the world. If you don’t launch a career in music immediately, what do you do?

David Broom, a.k.a. Tokyo Niyeli, is bringing sexy back to your kitchen where it belongs. At least, that’s the goal of his Chef Showtime YouTube channel. You might recognize him from The Real World: New Orleans.

The video above shows you things to do with butter that even butter-love poster girl Paula Deen never could.

But Chef Showtime doesn’t stop there.

He also shows you a couple of slick dance moves to impress your dates:

chef showtime butter roll

Munchies spoke to Niyeli about the natural evolution of his career:

[pullquote]”I’ve decided to put my musical skills—so to speak—and my love for cooking into a creative outlet. Because I’ve been with MTV for so long and I’ve been in the music industry, I know now that I don’t want to be an artist. I just want to enjoy music and [enact] whatever creativity is truly in me.”[/pullquote]

It’s really true. On YouTube: you can be a cooking show star if you’re just original and think outside the box.

Chef Showtime’s very first video showed him turning out some Top Ramen.

chef showtime ramen noodle gangsta pimp

And then there was the $5 Footlong that didn’t come from any Subway:

chef showtime meatballs aint for free

You should also know that Chef Showtime is really serious about not giving away his hot apple pie for free. You gotta pay the man first.

chef showtime apple pie

It’s important to remember that the man who sang this rhapsodic ode to butter…

chef showtime header

…is also the same man who’s not afraid to get all dubstep with his popcorn.

But if you think about it, the dubstep move makes total sense. In Chef Showtime’s world, kitchen time is all kinds of sexy time.

fry dubstep

It’s worth noting that Niyeli is sort of like the Robert Rodriguez of YouTube cooking shows. He does everything himself, including all songwriting/performing/editing and anything else that needs to be done.

He’s put out seven videos so far, and the longest is 2:25 minutes long. Most are under two minutes, so you could easily bring yourself up to speed in Chef Showtime’s world in under an hour.

There’s even a video for those who love bad puns:

All we can say is, we’re amazed he played his falafel game straight. Maybe chickpeas just aren’t sexy enough? They are definitely tasty, though.

[via Munchies]