In honor of England’s National Burger Day, London-based Burger Gang heads to Battersea’s Power Station Pop-Up Park, where a hamburger celebration is underway. Burger Gang host Lewis Richards wears a custom-made “Burger Gang Or Die” vest and a burger pin on his lapel. The guy’s love of all things burger is really next level.

Fourteen of the country’s biggest names in burgers show up for the event. Richards comments,

“The burger obsession is absolutely fucking ridiculous now.”

After thanking the “burger gods,” Burger Gang visits Byron, where Richards compares meeting chef Fred Smith to “meeting an unmasked batman, essentially.”


Over at Club Gascon, Lewis dines on Pascal Aussignac’s specialty foie gras burger (and flubs the name at least twice). He calls the creation “wifey material” for being so rich and French.

Next, Richards visits Le Bun, where he finds stewed beef burgers and long lines. He says,

“It’s burger crisis. It’s been like some fucking weird burger armageddon rush to get burgers where everyone thinks the fucking world’s going to end.”

Sounds like every single food festival ever.

Finally, Richards tries Dip & Flip‘s burger, which is so drenched in gravy it requires latex gloves to eat. After the initial bites, Lewis compares eating the bacon cheeseburger to “eating McDonald’s made by professionals.”

While he admits that his burger-fueled diet has caused some “size alterations…and I’m not getting any taller,” we can’t help but be jealous.

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