When you think of pie, do you exclusively think of sweet, fruit-or-custard-filled pastry? That’s not only a shame, but also proof that you don’t have enough British people in your life. Savory pie is one of the all-time great cold-weather food, satisfyingly filling and sure to warm you up with plumes of delicious-smelling.

As it turns out, savory pie is actually the O.G. pie, with the meat pies of Medieval Europe often cited as the genre’s first star. In the early 1100s, miners in Cornwall, England were big fans of “Cornish pasties”—individually portioned potato-, onion-, and meat-filled pies—because they could be easily transported into the mine shafts and heated up on the back of a shovel. While members of Europe’s upper class feasted on pies stuffed with rich, expensive meats, the lower classes made due with “humble pies” made of offal.

Over the years, savory pies have become the less popular pie option in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time savory pies step out of the shadows and finally reclaim the throne.

Here are 14 stellar savory pie recipes, from curry lamb pot pie to Quebec’s famed tourtière.

Steak and Stilton Pie


Recipe: Saveur

These beef-filled Lancashire pies are especially rich and flavorful thanks to pungent Stilton cheese and malty stout.

Spinach and Grape Leaf Pie


Recipe: Food and Wine

Whether eaten in small slices for a snack or as a main course, this vegetarian pie is awesomely cheesy and satisfying. La Vara chef Alex Raij is responsible for this big, impressive pie, which she calls pastel de parra.

Curry Lamb Pot Pie


Recipe: Food and Wine

This unconventional take on lamb pie features curry, coconut milk, and butternut squash.

Lobster Shepherd’s Pie


Recipe: Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to add ultra-luxe lobster to a shepherd’s pie. When baked, the buttery mashed potato topping gets golden and crusty.

Italian Venison Meat Pie


Recipe: Honest Food

Described as “an Italian version of the Cornish pasty,” this meat pie is a stick-to-your-ribs type of meal. If you don’t have venison, lamb also works great here.

Brussel Sprouts and Baby Greens Feta Pie


Recipe: Kitchen Confidante

Perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner, this vegetarian pie is so green it can almost be considered healthy. Don’t worry: It’s also packed with a trio of cheeses.

Tourtière Du Shack


Recipe: Bon Appétit

This Québécois pork pie from French-Canadian chef Martin Picard will warm your bones. The deep, meaty flavor is bolstered by cinnamon, cloves, and thyme.

Cajun Pork and Beef Cheese Pie


Recipe: Serious Eats

Spiced ground meat paired with herb cream cheese and a slightly-sweet crust is never a bad combination. The aromatic pork-and-beef filling is infused with Cajun flavors.

Pancetta, White Bean, and Swiss Chard Pot Pie


Recipe: Smitten Kitten

Thanks to smoky pancetta and hearty white beans, this veggie-filled pie is still super indulgent.

Not-Just-For-Breakfast Tortilla Pie


Recipe: Kitchen Confidante

This Tex-Mex creation is an ideal brunch while still being substantial enough for dinner. Layering freshly puffed tortillas with chorizo, corn, bell pepper, beans, and spicy pepper jack cheese is remarkably easy.

Katie’s Fish Pie with Crunchy Bacon, Leek, and Caper Topping


Recipe: What Katie Ate

While the recipe lists the crunchy bacon topping as “optional,” we say include it—it’s a great match for the smoked fish and sweet leek. Plus, it’s bacon.

Summer Tomato Pie


Recipe: The Food Network

This unique pie, which pairs garden-ripe tomatoes with mayonnaise and cheese, tastes best served at room temperature with plenty of freshly chopped herbs. Summer is the best time to make it, but you can do your best with the last of the early fall crop.

Balkan Lamb and Leek Pie


Recipe: Food52

The people of the Balkans love their filled phyllo pies. This version is the most elegant of the bunch, with a delicate phyllo crust and simple flavor combination.

Chicken Pot Pie


Recipe: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Between the brothy gravy, golden and crisp crust, and tender vegetables, this classic is a real winner. Plus, it’s a great way to use up leftover chicken (or turkey) if you have it.