Buffalo, NY’s BreadHive Worker Cooperative Bakery is a place you’d expect to find all sorts of wonderful—and maybe even strange—artisanal breads.

But did anyone really expect Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagels?

BreadHive’s Allison Ewing told Buffalo.com the origin story, which involved a 10-year-old neighbor watching the BreadHive collective at work a few days ago:

“She was supervising, and asking questions, and eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. She said, ‘You should put these on a bagel.’”

Last week, BreadHive took the kid’s advice and started experimenting. The crumbs apparently stay crispy for a few hours. If they start to get soggy from moisture in the air, don’t worry—they crisp right back up when you toast them.

flamin hot cheeto bagel

Photo: Twitter/@AlisonBreadhive

Since BreadHive’s workers are also its owners, Ewing says “we have the freedom to try things out instantly. We made them and put them on the Internet, as you do. The response was surprisingly huge.”

If you’re in the Buffalo area, good news: today’s the first day you can officially buy one.

Here’s more information on where to find BreadHive’s breads on store shelves.

We think it’s about time that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos got some ridiculous food mashup love. Taco John’s apparently ushered in a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Burrito earlier this year, but most of the Cheetos hybrid experimentation seems to revolve around the spicy snack’s blander, cheesier sibling: plain, basic Cheetos.

flamin hot cheetos burrito

Photo: Taco John’s

And plain Cheetos mashups may have reached their apex with Macaron Parlour’s Cheetos macarons.

cheetos macarons

Photo: Blowtorch Pudding

Maybe the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagel mashup is a good way to prevent kids from getting gastrointestinal problems when eating spicy Cheetos? It’s similar to the idea of always eating raita with spicy Indian cuisine: balance is what it’s all about.

If you don’t live near Buffalo, but you still want in on some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos mashup craziness, you could always make some FHC Pancake Bacon.

Or, you know, just make a batch of normal bagels and crush up a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos before you bake them. Your call.

[via Buffalo.com]

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