For the sake of everyone working in food service, let’s hope that pro boxer Adrien Broner’s recent tipping indiscretion doesn’t start a trend.

Last night, the professional wrestler and wannabe rapper posted a photo to his Instagram showing a $24 bill for hotel room service. Instead of writing in the tip, he put “OR NAH” (in all caps). The Instagram caption? “#Shuutuup.” Real nice.

Let’s hope there was a cash tip left instead, given the fact this is the same guy who’s made videos of himself flushing $20 bills down the toilet. Twice. Once after pulling a few out of his stack of hundreds and ripping them up, and again, four months later, after pretending to be “shitting out money.”



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Broner’s tip was almost as bad as that time someone wrote “Tip Toeing In My Jawwdinz” instead of leaving actual gratuity. Thanks for your contributions to humanity, Riff Raff.

[via Complex]

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