The headline sounds like a joke, but a Bethlehem, PA police report officially says it, so it must be true.

A man dressed as yellow Teletubbie Laa Laa apparently broke into a friend’s house, then stole some Chinese leftovers from his refrigerator.

teletubbies police report

Photo: The Smoking Gun

According to the Smoking Gun, the house where this happened is about two blocks from Lehigh University. Apparently, the (literally) yellow-bellied thief had been attending a Halloween party on campus shortly before he got a sudden craving for lo mein.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that Bethlehem police responded to the call, after the homeowner reported that his door had been damaged by the General Tso thief. Police caught up with the thief a few blocks away from the house—which is unsurprising, given that the guy was trying to run while wearing a big, bulky costume and carrying a man-purse full of noodles.

laa laa

The friend whose house was broken into didn’t press any charges, so we’ll never know the thief’s name. It sounds more like a drunk prank to us, since we’re pretty sure that would be the dumbest costume ever to use for actual burglary.

Man-purse aside, we’re betting you could stick an awful lot of crab legs into the belly of a Laa Laa costume.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you try this at home. We’re just observing that a Laa Laa costume may be terrible for stealth, but great for hiding food—kind of like squirrel cheeks.

[via The Smoking Gun, Lehigh Valley Live]