Celebrated food writer, actress, and television and radio presenter Madhur Jaffrey says that when she was born in Delhi, her grandmother dipped her finger in honey and wrote the word ohm (“I am”) on Jaffrey’s tongue. At that moment, her life and identity was affirmed.

In her MAD symposium speech, Jaffrey argues that food is the most ingestible form of culture. Over on MADFeed, Gabe Ulla writes,

[pullquote]”[Jaffrey] explored culinary traditions from around the world, and the idea that no matter where your life may take you, your ‘taste of home’—the things your mouth has been trained to eat since the moment you were born—never fade away.”[/pullquote]

The author explains that she was born into a community of scribes—often referred to as sharabi kababis—who also happen to be known as great lovers of eating and drinking. Thousands of different communities exist all over India, Jaffrey explains, and each one has their own defined religion, customs, foods, diet, and “palate of tastes.”

[via MADFeed]

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