Burgers are blowing up in Paris, and now you can take a self guided tour of the City of Light’s patty-flipping joints using this bootleg public transit map.

The Paris Metro Burger FatMap highlights the best place to get a burger near every single Metro stop in Paris. The collab between Say Fat apparel and French site FraisFrais was inspired by a similar Paris Metro bar map that Thrillist published in August. Between the two, you’ll be able to eat and drink at some of the best spots in town—provided you’re not too soused to read a map.


A closer look at the stops reflects how trendy New York, and Brooklyn in particular, has become in the City of Light. Establishments like Paris New York, Schwartz’s Deli, and even Bedford Avenue dot the 14 lines of the subway system, along with nods to other states like Cantine California and the Texas-inspired Blue’s Bar-B-Q.


You can peek a high-res version of the map here to start planning your next vacation, just don’t expect it to look like the opening scene of Ratatouille when you arrive. With burgers down pat and a growing craft beer scene, the Brooklynization of Paris is well underway.


The burger at Big Fernand in Paris (Photo: Facebook/Big Fernand)

[via Untapped Cities]