If only instruction manuals and text books presented data as well as this. Fast Company Design’s Great Wheel of Food Mashups is an interactive infographic that shows you all the latest generation of mutant foods. It’s like the X-Men: First Class of mashups, where the Cronut and Doritos Loco Tacos are Professor X and Magneto.


Hover your mouse over one of the mashups in the center of the circle, and it will draw a line to the parent ingredients on the circumference like a Frankenfood family tree.

Cookie + milk carton = Milk and cookie shot:


Sushi + burrito = Sushiruto:



Things start to get really cool when you focus on the items on the outside of the ring. Hover over the burger at the bottom and an entire root system appears, linking it to five different mashups: The bronut, french fry burger, lasagna burger, ramen burger, and the Mac Attack (which features a macaroni bun).


Of course, we had to click on the progenitor of the modern mashup phenomenon, the donut. Check out the various hybrids that humble, holey pastry has spawned: The Cronut, bronut, dannoli, doughscuit, and Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe.


Have some fun with the interactive infographic on Fast Company Design’s website, and start adding yoghurt liquor and vodka-soaked adults-only pizza to your gastro bucket list.