At this point, you’ve most likely become a fan of Thug Kitchen, the vegan recipe blog that prides itself on being “the only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet.” Maybe you’re still chuckling over our early sampling of Thug Kitchen memes.

After following the Tumblr’s rise to prominence, Epicurious’ Matt Duckor decided to dig a little deeper. Curious as to who was running the crude page, he did a little detective work (just playing, he had his editorial assistants do it), and ended up on the doorstep of Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway. These 29-year-old Los Angeles residents are the masterminds behind Thug Kitchen; unsurprisingly, they are two basic-looking white people (the only demographic that still equates swearing with being “thug”).

thugg Photo: Matt Duckor

The reason they’ve kept themselves anonymous until now? Holloway explains her and Davis’ decision to not put their names on the site:

“You see a hundred photos of this person before you even get to a goddamn recipe. Photos of their relationship, their family, and their farm—I fucking hate you, I’m not going to read your recipes now!”

They tell Duckor the story of how the original Thug Kitchen Tumblr took off right under their noses without any marketing on their part, blowing up on Reddit and gaining an unexpected endorsement from Gwyneth Paltrow.

This October, the pair is releasing a print edition for those folks whose cookbooks are missing phrases like “Fuck you Jamba Juice.” If you’re interested, you can watch the kind-of-funny/kind-of-not Thug Kitchen Cookbook trailer below.

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