Earlier this year, Taco Bell launched a brand new breakfast menu. Fast forward six months, and the fast food chain is introducing a new addition to its morning line-up, the Biscuit Taco. It’s exactly what its name might suggest: a golden-brown biscuit folded into the shape of a taco and filled with cheesy eggs or fried chicken.

“The Biscuit Taco pays homage to the traditional Southern biscuit – made with real butter and real buttermilk,” the company promises in a press release. 

Customer have a choice of a number of fillings, from the traditional bacon (or sausage), egg, and cheese to a crispy chicken version served with country gravy or a jalapeño-infused honey.

After satisfying the “biscuit-loving communities” of Atlanta and San Antonio in a testing phase, the Biscuit Taco is now testing in select stores in Los Angeles and Orange County.  But there’s no word when it will hit stores nationwide. (Unfortunate news for those diehard Taco Bell non-west coasters in need of an early-morning comfort food fix).

Here’s the product shot, which is decidedly less appetizing than the IRL shots above.