Besides her distinctive eyebrows, model/actress Cara Delevingne now has another thing to set her apart from the pack: a brand new, deceptively simple bacon tattoo from NYC’s Bang Bang Tattoos.

Fun fact: Tattoo artist Bang Bang has a great tat of Wylie Dufresne on his foot. 


Photo: Keith McCurdy

Although a lot of people love bacon, the number of people who love bacon enough to get it permanently inked on their bodies is significantly smaller. Delevingne now joins the pantheon of truly devoted bacon fans, who advertise their love of carefully-cured porcine products on their skin.

Although, the fact that she only got the word “BACON” tattooed on her person—instead of, say, a full-color back piece—may mean she’s not 100% devoted to bacon.

Nevertheless, since this is her crew, she already won.

[via Instagram]

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