Brooklyn may be all the rage in Paris, but right now Manhattan is getting some big love in Spain. McDonald’s in Spain has a new Los Irresistibles menu featuring two burgers: the “Little Italy” and the “Soho BBQ.” From what we can tell, they’re both just double cheeseburgers with themed condiments; the Little Italy is topped with lettuce and Italian dressing, the Soho BBQ with onions and BBQ sauce.



The Little Italy burger (Photo: McDonald’s)

Both neighborhoods strike us as slightly odd muses, especially since Soho has no BBQ restaurants of national note and it seems like actual Italy, given geographic proximity to Spain, would have been a more gastronomically exciting inspiration to Iberian fast food customers. But McDonald’s knows all too well that Europe is obsessed with Soho, and is leveraging that love for all things New York.


The Soho BBQ burger (Photo: McDonald’s)

Eater reports that American-inspired burgers are somewhat of a trend at European fast-food chains. In France, McDonald’s has previously launched a U.S.-themed menu “that included a ‘Florida’ sandwich featuring two pieces of steak topped with a ‘pepper-Summer’ sauce” as well as a series of novelty burgers with things like corn chips and a cornbread bun.

And, really, what’s more American than corn-in-absolutely-everything?

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