New York may have passed a medical marijuana law in July—making it the 23rd state to do so—but it looks like recreational users are going to be waiting a long time before they can light up legally. Unless, of course, they want to smoke tea.

Vivid Visions Herbal Smoke Blend is made by Raganella’s Botanical Solutions, a natural body care and herbal remedy line based in (where else but) Brooklyn. The lavender-scented mix of medicinal herbs reportedly chills you out while also intensifying your dreams. Raganella founder Liz Neves says it’s great for Type A, control freak New Yorkers who need to wind down and lighten up.

Vivid Visions Herbal Smoke Blend. Photo: The One Well.

Photo: The One Well

In the Food Curated video above, she explains two of the more powerful ingredients, psycho-active mugwort and damiana. She says the combination of the two lowers inhibitions, has aphrodisiac effects, creates shifts in vision and perception, and enhances dreams.

Non-smokers can also mellow out by drinking the tea, which she says tastes “bitter and kind of deep.” The smoke, on the other hand, tastes like lavender and camphor, and is “really smooth and warm and cosy.”

Vivid Visions tea. Photo: Food Curated.

Serving suggestion: Brew in a Mason jar. (Photo: Food Curated)

This will appeal to anyone who likes to get loose completely au naturale; the herbs are all organic or wild, and the packaging is made of compostable wood fibers. It’s also budget-friendly—half an ounce retails for $13 to $14 at The One Well and Owl and Thistle General Store—and, oh yeah, legal.

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