Redditor VaultOfDaedalus ordered a pizza from Domino’s in the UK, and received the pie pictured above. He writes,

“So, my pizza looked like the Millennium Falcon upon opening the box.”

Yes, that right there is a sausage-stuffed-crust pizza, and sure enough, it looks exactly like the Millennium Falcon. 

Apparently, Pizza Hut Australia rolled out a hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizza back in 2013, and the UK got its own version back in 2012. VaultOfDaedalus writes that sausage-crust pizzas “are seasonal.” Dying.

Here’s a picture that another Redditor posted of a homemade sausage-stuffed-crust pizza. #WORLDSTAR


And this is just taking the concept to another level entirely…


Photo: Reddit

[via Reddit]

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